Peterborough Taekwondo school

Student Information



Whether you're just starting your journey, are a 5th Dan holder, or somewhere in between, we welcome you to our school. Anyone aged 7 and up can join us in training, regardless of experience or physical abililty.

Belt System

Blue Wave Taekwondo uses a traditional belt system with stripes.

Rankings are: White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Black

Testing is scheduled on a regular basis in order to recognize your progression through the art. 

If you have obtained rankings in other Taekwondo schools, let us know and we can make arrangements to continue you on your learning path.

Bring a friend!

Have a friend that's interested in learning Taekwondo? Bring them along to a class. If your friend signs up, you'll receive discounts on your future tests!

Student Resources

Blue Wave Taekwondo Canada is developing an extensive portfolio of student content. Email us at info@bluewavetaekwondo.ca for access.