Peterborough Taekwondo school

Taekwondo Peterborough Curriculum

  • Our main focus is Kukkiwon/WT taekwondo with equal emphasis on taekwondo as a Martial Art and a Martial Sport
  • ITF curriculum is available on req for black belts only



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Poomsae requirements

White belt-Yellow Stripe; 4-direction punch basic movement (kibon soo il jang)

Yellow stripe-Yellow Belt; 4-direction block basic movement (kibon soo ee jang)

Yellow Belt-Green stripe; tae geuk il jang

Green stripe-Green belt; tae geuk ee jang

Green belt-Blue stripe; tae geuk sam jang

Blue Stripe-Blue belt; tae geuk sah jang

Blue belt-Red stripe; tae geuk oh jang

Red stripe-Red belt; tae geuk yook jang

Red belt-Black stripe; tae geuk chil jang

Black stripe-Black belt; tae geuk pal jang