Peterborough Taekwondo kukkiwon school

Peterborough Taekwondo kukkiwon school

Peterborough Taekwondo kukkiwon schoolPeterborough Taekwondo kukkiwon school

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Master Marcelo Konig Sarkis, Kukkiwon 6th dan

Marcelo started his martial arts path in 1978 under the supervision of the late Master Chang Sun Kwak (Canadian taekwondo team coach in the 1988 Seoul Olympic games).  Marcelo obtained a black belt in taekwondo in 1980.  Marcelo competed in kyorugi, poomsae, kyukpa and hosinsool in many tournaments including the CNE Open, the inaugural OTA championship, Michigan State Open, the North American Taekwondo Championships, to name a few.  Marcelo continued his martial arts path by training chungdokwan taekwondo under kukkiwon GM Nam-Sik Baik (17 time Korean national champion) and hapkido under the late GM Inn-Suk Pak (founder of Tae Keuk Do).  Marcelo received his 3rd class Canadian WTF national referee certification in 1995.  Marcelo has participated in seminars and workshops with leading taekwondo masters including the then leader of the Korean Tigers, GM Hae-Man Park (current World Taekwondo Chungdokwan Federation President) and Dr. GM Kyu-Hyung Lee (former Kukkiwon president). Marcelo has taught taekwondo to children and adults and is a proud co-founder of Blue Wave Taekwondo Canada in Peterborough.  Marcelo is a proud member of the business community and runs a successful intellectual property agency and assists SMEs in securing their intellectual property.  Marcelo is a professional engineer and registered patent agent in Canada and the United States of America and former president of the Brazil Canada Chamber of Commerce based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.