Peterborough Taekwondo kukkiwon school

Peterborough Taekwondo kukkiwon school

Peterborough Taekwondo kukkiwon schoolPeterborough Taekwondo kukkiwon school

Jason Bertrand


Jason Bertrand started Taekwondo in 1993 and was promoted to 6th degree in 2016. He has been teaching Taekwondo since 1998 (upon promotion to first degree black belt) at various schools and has been offering private classes since 2013. He has kept up-to-date with Taekwondo techniques and scientific methods of training through private tutoring and over 50 seminars with various masters and world champions. He is active as a referee in competitions since 2008 and received a trophy for best referee post competition (reward not given in over 10 years). His instructor is Master Richard Lajeunesse. He works as an electronic engineer.

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