Peterborough Taekwondo school


Additional Information


· started taekwondo in 2004 at Grand Master Tae E. Lee’s Kemptville Branch school, obtaining her 1st dan black belt in 2010;

· obtained 2 silver medals at GM Tae E. Lee’s Taekwondo Cup in 2009 for poomsae and sparring and a silver medal in 2012 for poomsae;

· obtained her Kukkiwon 3rd dan black belt in 2018 with Grand Master Nam-Sik Baik and Master Marcelo Sarkis of Blue Wave Taekwondo Canada;

· has found that taekwondo has helped her in many life situations where confidence, patience and/or determination were needed;

· truly believes that teaching is learning and enjoys the challenge of continuous learning that taekwondo has to offer for its varied aspects of patterns, sparring and self-defense;

· promotes taekwondo for girls and women to help them through challenges that are unique to them

· enjoys many outdoor activities such as canoe-camping, whitewater canoeing, flatwater kayaking, hiking, cycling and skiing;

· For indoor enjoyment, she likes to read, quilt and knit;

· is a Registered Professional Forester, has worked in many different places in Ontario for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and has been living in Peterborough since 2014.